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Volusia County Elder Law AttorneyLife presents us with all kinds of challenges and unexpected changes. Matters concerning aging, illness and providing long-term care for an impaired family member or loved one are often the most difficult to overcome.

With the help of an experienced and caring elder law attorney you can alleviate the stress and heartache associated with some of life’s most challenging twists and turns.

Gloersen Law represents senior citizens, disabled individuals, the adult children of elders facing long-term care issues, and parents and grandparents of special needs children. The firm also assists people of all ages with estate planning, trust administration, guardianship, and probate matters of their own.

Elder law influences the areas of life that matter most. Ms. Gloersen takes her clients’ issues regarding health, finances and family to heart and remains dedicated to resolving all aspects of elder law exhibiting the values of compassion, integrity and strength.

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